Varṣā 2

Our second verse on Varṣā couldn’t be more different than the first.  Instead of the theatrics of the storm, and the grandeur of a fantastical image, this verse views the rains from a lower, more earthy perspective.

देवे वर्षत्यशनपचनव्यापृता वह्निहेतो-

र्गेहाद्गेहं फलकनिचितैः सेतुभिः पङ्कभीताः।


शूर्पच्छत्रस्थगितशिरसो योषितः संचरन्ति ॥

When it rains women,

busy trying to prepare a meal

and in need of a spark for the fire,

go from house to house

covering their heads with an umbrella made of a cane winnowing basket

striking the edges of the roofs’ eaves where pools of water have collected

and treading gingerly on makeshift bridges of piled-up planks for fear of the mud.



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