The Message of the Koel – Thirunelly

After flying across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the koel now enters Kerala, the home of the hero’s sweetheart:

दृष्ट्वा तत्रामलकधरणीमन्दिरं शार्ङ्गपाणिं

तस्माच्छैलात्तटमवतरन् किञ्चिदाकुञ्च्य पक्षौ ।

कूलेऽम्भोधेः क्रमुककलिलां केरलक्षोणिमग्रे

पश्य स्फीतां भृगुसुतभुजाविक्रमोपक्रमं या ॥  ४१ ॥

Listen to this verse

‘Pay a visit to Viṣṇu at Amalakadharaṇī*

and then,

trimming your wings a little,

soar down the mountainside to the plain.

Up ahead on the ocean’s shore,

spread wide before you,

closely carpeted with kramukas,

you’ll see the land of Kerala

fruit of the mighty arms of Bhṛgu’s son, Paraśurāma.


*Amalakadharaṇī is today’s Thirunelly temple just across the Karnataka-Kerala border.


Verse 41 – Pūrva Bhāga

कोकिलसन्देशः – उद्दणडशास्त्री । The Message of the Koel – Uddanda Śāstrī




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