The Message of the Koel – Marakkara







Mārakkara, the household of Uddaṇḍa’s wife which is still going strong today, is described in loving detail:

माहाभाग्यं रतिपतिभुजाडम्बरः पौनरुक्त्यात्

कल्याणौघः स्फुरति रसिकानन्तताप्यत्त्र हीति ।

एषामाद्यक्षरगणमुपादाय बद्धेन नाम्ना

मान्यं ‘मारक्कर’ निलयनं यत्कवीन्द्रा गृणन्ति ॥ १२ ॥

Listen to this verse

‘The best of poets pay tribute to this grand old house

by calling it ‘Mārakkara’,

forming the name with the initial syllables

of the attributes it boasts:

māhābhāgya – majesty

ratipatibhujāḍambara – raucous festival of Love

kalyāṇaugha – cascading prosperity, uttered twice

and rasikānantatā – rare and timeless elegance.


Verse 12 – Uttara Bhāga

कोकिलसन्देशः – उद्दणडशास्त्री । The Message of the Koel – Uddanda Śāstrī




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