The Message of the Koel – Chendamangalam







The hero describes at length the beautiful city of Chendamangalam where his beloved wife lives:

यस्यां रात्रौ युवतिवदनाम्भोजसौन्दर्यचौर्यात्

सत्यं सौधध्वजपटशिखाघृष्टबिम्बे हिमांशौ।

दृष्ट्वा कृष्णं किणमणिकणं हन्त गाढं प्ररूढं

मूढो लोको वदति शशको रोहितोऽन्यत्तथेति ॥ ४ ॥

Listen to this verse

‘Where at night,

seeing the small circular black scar of a deep wound

scored upon the moon’s surface

by the tips of the mansions’ flagpoles –

doubtless when he tried to steal the beauty

of girls’ lotus faces –

people proclaim it to be a hare or a deer,

or something similar,

fools that they are.


Verse 4 – Uttara Bhāga

कोकिलसन्देशः – उद्दणडशास्त्री । The Message of the Koel – Uddanda Śāstrī




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