The Message of the Koel – Calicut

The koel is to stop en route at Calicut, the Zamorins’ capital in which Uddaṇḍa found patronage and fame:

गेहे गेहे नवनवसुधाक्षालितं यत्र सौधं

सौधे सौधे सुरभिकुसुमैः कल्पितं केलितल्पम् ।

तल्पे तल्पे रसपरवशं कामिनीकान्तयुग्मं

युग्मे युग्मे स खलु विहरन् विश्ववीरो मनोभूः ॥  ६५ ॥

Listen to this verse

‘There every house has a freshly whitewashed terrace,

every terrace has a bed laid out for love with scented flowers,

every bed has a pair of lovers under passion’s sway,

and in every couple the mind-born god of love himself,

who conquers the world,

ranges at will.


Verse 65 – Pūrva Bhāga

कोकिलसन्देशः – उद्दणडशास्त्री । The Message of the Koel – Uddanda Śāstrī




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