The Message of the Koel – A Double Shiva

पूर्वो भागः स्तनभरनतः प्रेक्ष्यते चेच्चलाक्षः

पश्चाद्भागो ललितचिकुरो दृश्यते नो नितम्बी ।

इत्थं गौर्या युगपदुभयं द्रष्टुकामोऽष्टमूर्ति-

र्मूर्तिद्वन्द्वं वहति भगवान् यः स मुक्त्यै निषेव्यः ॥  ८३ ॥

Listen to this verse

‘If Pārvatī is seen from the front,

slightly bent under heavy breasts,

her gaze aquiver,

the lissom braid and full buttocks at her back

are not visible.

In his desire to see both sides of her at the same time,

Lord Śiva of eightfold form here assumes a double form.

It is he whom you should worship to attain liberation.*


*The temple in question is the Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple just south of Thrissur, in which Śiva is represented by twin Śivaliṅgas.


Verse 83 – Pūrva Bhāga

कोकिलसन्देशः – उद्दणडशास्त्री । The Message of the Koel – Uddanda Śāstrī




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