The Koel Takes Wing

In lieu of a verse this week….

We are thrilled to tell you that Rasāla’s first book, The Message of the KoelUddaṇḍa Śāstrī’s Kokila Sandeśa which many of you may remember from earlier verses of the week, has just been released.  The print book is available from eRetailers such as Flipkart as well as from the Rasāla website– where you can buy the book at a 20% discount.  The eBook  – replete with photos and audio – is due out soon.  We’ll keep you posted.

As this is our first book, we have a special offer: readers who buy the print book before 31st August 2012 are entitled to a free copy of the eBook – email for more details.

In addition, readers and scholars are welcome to download the complete Sanskrit text from the Kokila Sandeśa page of our website, as well as the textual notes and bibliography.

The book’s vital statistics and a short description of the poem can be found at the bottom of this email.

As ever, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.


The Message of The Koel: Uddaṇḍa Śāstrī’s Kokila Sandeśa

This short Sanskrit love poem takes the reader on a tour of mediaeval southern India.  A lovesick husband stranded in Kanchipuram dispatches a koel to his wife in central Kerala with a message to sustain her until he can return.  The journey will take the koel across a lush landscape thickly carpeted in betel nut or cardamom trees and criss-crossed by rivers; to temples alive with myth; and into fabulous cities whose palaces push the stars out of their orbits.   This is the first English translation of the 15th century poem.

TitleThe Message of the Koel: Uddaṇḍa Śāstrī’s Kokila Sandeśa

Translators: Shankar Rajaraman and Venetia Kotamraju

Publisher: Rasāla

ISBN: 978-81-924112-0-0


  • India: Rs.250 (Rs. 200 on the Rasāla website)
  • Rest of the world: £7.50 (or £6 on the Rasāla website)

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