The Conquest of Madhura Now on Amazon

My husband and I recently celebrated our son’s first birthday and, not coincidentally, it’s been over a year since you last heard from us here at Rasāla. Motherhood and laptops don’t get on that well together, although you’ll be pleased to hear that Utpalaksha has already tried his hand at editorial mark-up (or perhaps freehand scribbling would be a better term) on the upcoming Darpa Dalana.

We don’t have a verse of the week for you yet I’m afraid, but we do have some good news for our customers who are based outside India.  Rasāla’s The Conquest of Madhurā: Gaṅgādevī’s Madhurā Vijaya is now available on, and, thanks to a new policy, the Amazon version uses the same attractive matt finish that we use for our India-printed books.  The Message of The Koel, which is already on, now also has that same matt cover rather than the glossy one we had to use earlier.

You are of course still welcome to order directly through Rasāla – and we prefer it that way because it’s the only way we get to meet, albeit virtually, our readers – but for those who like the one-click ease of Amazon, please go ahead:

The Conquest of Madhurā

The Message of The Koel

(As before, India-based readers can buy our books on as well as Flipkart and other Indian ebookshops.)

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  1. Thanks for resuming the posts, and congratulations on the incarnation of the Mother! (Isn’t each childbirth and instance of an incarnation of the Divine as the Transcendental Mother? DKM Kartha

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