Śarvarī: The Night

Submissions for the first Rasāla annual anthology, ‘Śarvarī’ or ‘The Night’, close this week.  This famous verse, describing the moonlight, is one of the many beautiful stanzas readers and poets have submitted so far.  To see the full list, click here.

पिनष्टीव तरङ्गाग्रै: समुद्र: फेनचन्दनम्।
तदादाय करैरिन्दु: लिम्पतीव दिगङ्गना:॥

It as if the ocean

using its waves to grind

prepares a sandal-wood paste of foam

which the moon then uses

to anoint each of the eight directions,

as though they were beautiful women,

his rays serving as hands.


Quoted in the Kuvalayānanda under utprekṣā and samaprādhanyasaṃkara

Submitted by Sunita Ramanathan

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