Rasala is now on Amazon and Kobo

We just wanted to let you all know that we are now on Amazon which will make things easier for those of you not in India because you won’t have to wait weeks for a book to arrive, and the postage should be less. Here is our first book on Amazon in America and in the UKand I think it is also on the European sites too; our other books will follow when published.  

The Message of the Koel is also now available on Kobo, one of the most popular eBook reading apps.  I was able to test it out on the iPad last week and it works well, although if you have an iPad (or any other Apple product) I’d still recommend iBooks over Kobo because it just works and looks better in iBooks.  Just to complicate things, though, you can’t buy our books directly from iBooks due to complex US legal requirements – so you need to buy the eBook from us and then you can very easily load it onto your device.

Thanks and as we are now firmly in the festive season for almost all of our readers we can safely wish you a happy Dasara, Diwali, Eid, Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course New Year.


UPDATE (April 2013) – At the moment only The Message of The Koel is on Kobo as Kobo doesn’t support EPUB 3 and won’t accept our eBooks as a result. According to the Kobo support desk, Kobo has never supported EPUB 3 but accepted our EPUB 3 file of The Message of The Koel because of an error in the system. Nevertheless, this book at least is still available on the Kobo platform.  The others we hope will one day join it – when Kobo starts supporting EPUB 3.

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