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After spending the monsoon tinkering with the plethora of eReading apps, devices and formats washing about the publishing world at the moment, we have today brought out with great excitement Rasāla’s first eBook: The Message of The Koel.

The eBook version of this, and future books, will use the shiny new EPUB 3 format which means that we can include photos from the koel’s journey and audio versions of several of the verses.  Less excitingly but more importantly EPUB 3 is able to cope with complex scripts like Devanagari so that our Sanskrit verses are not a series of boxes, and which allows us to use many other under-the-hood features critical for a smooth reading experience of a book such as this.

Our eBooks have no DRM (digital rights management) which means that you can read them in any app, platform or device that can handle them; you can share them with anyone you want; and you can transfer them between your laptop and phone or any other device you use for reading books – again provided the hardware allows it.

For the moment, though, only Apple’s iBooks really and truly does justice to EPUB 3 eBooks – so if you have access to an iPad, iPhone or iPod we’d highly recommend you use that. If you’re on Android, the free FB Reader app is probably the best option. For desktop users we recommend the free Azardi eReading software, which supports almost all of the features used in our eBooks.  Amazon, despite its rapid expansion in India, still doesn’t support Indian scripts so for now you can’t read Rasāla’s eBooks on a Kindle.

Those who bought a copy of the print version of The Message of The Koel before 31st August will be sent the eBook for free.  For those who would like to buy a copy, please email us at venetia@rasalabooks.com.  The eBook is Rs 100 or £3.

We hope you enjoy reading and listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.


UPDATE (April 2013):

We have just tested the IDEAL Group Reader on Android and would now recommend this instead of the FB Reader app as it supports more of the features that our eBooks have.  The IDEAL Group Reader can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

For those on a laptop/desktop, we would recommend the Readium app – a web app available in Google Chrome – for reading when you are online. If you prefer to read the eBook when you are offline, then Azardi is still the best option.

2 thoughts on “Rasāla eBooks

  1. Dear Rasala,
    I purchased the Message of the Koel with Kobo. It worked perfect until changing the hard disk on my PC Win 8.1. Now it opens only with Epub and only plain English text can be seen. Kobo cannot see it anymore? Any suggestions what to do. Downloaded Azardi but it cannot open the file showing errors.

    • Hi Cezary,
      Sorry to hear about this. I am not sure why this might be happening but as Kobo is a closed ecosystem I think it would be best to approach them. We are though happy to send the epub file via email to you to see if that might help,and perhaps you could use that in Azardi or another open ebook reader.

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