Kavi Samaya 2: Mount Meru

Our second verse of this series is based on the convention – in this case a mythological idea used to great effect by the poets – that the sun, moon and stars all revolve around Mount Meru, the centre of the world as well as a gold-gilded mountain which hosts heaven.



सङ्क्रीडमानाविव बालकौ द्वौ ।

पार्श्वेषु यस्याशु परिभ्रमन्तौ

चन्द्रांशुमन्तौ नयतो दिनानि ॥

The moon and the sun,

like two boys playing hide and seek,

spend their days –

and make the days pass on earth  –

tailing one another

as they orbit Mount Meru.


1.2 Śrīkṛṣṇavilāsa of Sukumāra

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