Madhura Vijaya: Vasanta

This week’s verse comes from the last part of the cycle of seasons, the description of Vasanta.

सुतनवः फलकेषु मधूत्सवे

रतिपतिं परिलेखितुमुद्यताः ।

हृदयगोचरतामनिशं गतं

हरिहरात्मजमेव समालिखन् ॥(द्रुतविलम्बितम्)

In the festival of Vasanta,

his pretty wives attempted to paint Rati’s prince

upon their picture boards,

but found themselves drawing the King

for it was he who dwelt eternally in their hearts.*

5.71 Gaṅgādevī’s Madhurā Vijaya

PS: We will be at the Bangalore literary weekend, Lekhana, this weekend.  Our very own general editor, Shankar Rajaraman, is on the translating poetry panel at 10:30am on Saturday so please do come and join in the discussion.  More details at the Lekhana page on Facebook.

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