Madhura Vijaya: The Night

The next two verses of the week are taken from what is probably the most beautiful canto of the entire poem, the seventh, in which there is a leisurely description of the night – from the setting of the sun to the rising of the moon. The last few verses are delivered, at the King’s request, by Gaṅgādevī herself, but her words are sadly curtailed by the loss of the last portion of this canto.

It is in this canto that Gaṅgādevī’s skill at composing verse where the beauty of the imagery is perfectly complemented by the beauty of the sound is demonstrated to its fullest.

गतदीप्ति गभस्तिमालिनो

विलुठद्वीचिषु बिम्बमम्बुधेः ।

शफराः पलखण्डशङ्कया

रसनाभिर्लिलिहुर्मुहुर्मुहुः ॥ (वियोगिनी)

Listen to this verse

As the ray-rich sun’s radiance-robbed disc

wobbled from wave to wave,

fish fancied it a piece of meat,

licking at it with flicking tongues.

7.13 Gaṅgādevī’s Madhurā Vijaya

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