Madhura Vijaya: Rivers of Blood

Gaṅgādevī describes the battle between King Kampa and his adversary Campa, the ruler of Kanchipuram, which is a prequel of sorts to the bigger clash between Kampa’s real target, the Sultan in Madurai.  Blood and gore there is aplenty but always with a twist:

आस्रापगासु परितो निःसृतासु सहस्रशः

भटानां भल्लनिर्लूनैरम्भोजायितमाननैः॥

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All around

rivers of blood

rushing forth in a myriad of reds

brimmed with lotuses –

heroes’ heads sliced off by bhalla arrows. 58


4.58 Gaṅgādevī’s Madhurā Vijaya

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