Madhura Vijaya: More on The Night

In this, the second verse from the description of the night, the poetess plays on the idea that bees are often seen circling a lotus flower at duskvainly essaying an entry – the lotus closes as the sun sets. That the lotus is one of Lakṣmī’s chosen abodes is well known.


नलिनं मन्दिरमिन्दिरास्पदम् ।

परिपालयति स्म निक्वणन्

परितो यामिकवन्मधुव्रतः ॥ (वियोगिनी)

Listen to this verse

Whistling all the while,

the bee,

like a sentry on night-watch,

patrolled the lotus flower –

the tower which was Lakṣmī’s bower* –

as each petal-door was pulled to.

*Lakṣmī here is both the goddess and wealth.

 7.17 Gaṅgādevī’s Madhurā Vijaya

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