Madhura Vijaya: Elephants and Jewels

After the bloody business of the first battle, we, along with King Kampa, are given a leisurely interlude as he enjoys himself with his many wives in each season of the year, in the garden, in the lake and in the evening.  Before plunging into this description, the scene is set at Kampa’s new palace in Kanchipuram – the city he has just conquered – as liege kings come to offer him their obeisance and allegiance:

नरपतेः प्रतिहारमहीं मुहु-

र्विजयदन्तिमदोदकपङ्किलाम् ।

क्षितिभुजां भुजभूषणघट्टन-

प्रसृमरो मणिरेणुरशोषयत् ॥ (द्रुतविलम्बितम्)

listen to this verse

At the threshold to the Prince’s palace,

the jewelled dust billowing forth

every day

as kings jostled,

bracelet brushing against bracelet,

dried up the slush created by the springs of ichor

streaming from war elephants.


5.7 Gaṅgādevī’s Madhurā Vijaya

(We have added the name of the chandas or metre in brackets at the end of the Sanskrit verse for those who would like to know which chandas each verse is set to.)

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