Kokila Sandeśa in 10 Scripts

Rasāla’s readers hail from different parts of India and further afield, and some prefer to read – or can only read – Sanskrit in a script other than Devanāgari. We have long wanted to be able to provide such readers the option to read the Sanskrit part of Rasāla’s books in the script of their choice, but practically this has proved difficult with both print and eBooks (the latter because of technological issues with font support on reading devices – although we are working on this…).

Now, though, thanks to and via the Sanskrit Documents site, we are able to offer the Sanskrit text of Rasāla’s first book, The Message of The Koel: Uddaṇḍa Śāstri’s Kokila Sandeśa, in a total of ten different scripts including Roman, Tamil, Bengali and Malayalam.

Here’s the link to the Devanāgari version of the text, from where you can easily switch back and forth to the other scripts.  We haven’t proofread the transliterations – nor in all honesty does the small Rasāla team know so many scripts – so please excuse any errors.

If you have any feedback for us on this, please do get in touch.  If we find there is demand for one script in particular, we may be able to produce versions of each book in that script alongside the standard Devanāgari versions.

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