Kavi Samaya: The Deer on The Moon

This verse has an imaginative take on the poetic convention that the dark shadow on the moon’s surface is a deer (or sometimes a hare – but never a man).



दिवि निरीक्ष्य तृणप्रतिमं तमः ।

नियतमुत्पतताङ्कमृगेण स

प्रकटितः सकलोऽपि विधुर्बलात् ॥

When the deer sitting upon the moon’s lap

saw the darkness in the sky

trimmed by the first rays of moonlight

it looked just like blades of grass.

Up he leapt

forcing the moon to rise –

or so it seemed –

and reveal his whole form.


5.27 of Naranārāyaṇānanda of Vastupāla

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