Kavi Samaya: Shiva and Parvati

This final verse in our kavi samaya series imagines how Pārvatī, jealous when Śiva goes to worship Sandhyā, the goddess of evening, expresses her anger within the confines of the ardhanārīśvara (in which Śiva makes up the right hand side and Pārvatī the left – see image above) form that she and her husband assume.


एकं दन्तच्छदस्य स्फुरति जपवशादर्धमन्यत्प्रकोपा-

देकः पाणिः प्रणन्तुं शिरसि कृतपदः क्षेप्तुमन्यस्तमेव ।

एकं ध्यानान्निमीलयत्यपरमविषहं वीक्षितुं चक्षुरित्थं

तुल्यानिच्छापि वामा तनुरवतु स वो यस्य संध्यावसाने ॥

One half of the lips quivers in japa,

the other in anger.

One hand is raised above the head in reverence,

the other to push the first back down.

One eye is closed in meditation,

the other because it cannot bear to look.

May he whose left side matches the right,

albeit unwillingly,

bless you

as he performs his sandhyā rites.


Verse 70 in the Subhāṣitāvali, attributed to Arbhaka

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