Darpa Dalana: Pre Orders

As India gasps for breath under the stifling heat of both the summer and fiery politics, it is perhaps an appropriate time to dive into the refreshing reality of Kemendra’s Darpa Dalana. The Darpa Dalana, or The Ending of Arrogance, takes no prisoners as its author, a controversial and provocative satirist from 11th century Kashmir, exposes and demolishes all types of human failings. This edition, Rasāla’s latest book, includes the original Sanskrit text alongside a fluent part-prose, part-verse translation by the well known career diplomat turned translator, A.N.D. Haksar.

More details about the Darpa Dalana can be found on here.

As with Translating The Divine Woman, we are using a print-on-demand model. This does make things a bit more expensive so for you our faithful followers we would like to once again offer a discounted pre-order price of Rs 270 or £8. The list price thereafter will be Rs 350 or £10. If you would like to pre-order one of these books at the lower price, please send an email to venetia@rasalabooks.com by 10th May with the postal address to which you would like it sent.

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