Campū Rāmāyaṇa 3

This final excerpt from the Campū Rāmāyaṇa is a five-verse kulaka (where the sense is continued across two or more verses) describing the descent of the Gaṅgā to earth at Bhagīratha’s request.

अथ वीचीचयच्छन्नदिगन्तगगनान्तरा ।

शशाङ्कशङ्खसंभिन्नतारामौक्तिकदन्तुरा ॥ ७८

तरङ्गाकृष्टमार्तण्डतुरङ्गायासितारुणा ।

फेनच्छन्नस्वमातङ्गमार्गणव्यग्रवासवा ॥ ७९

आविःशाखाशिखोन्नेयनन्दनद्रुमकर्षणा ।

एकोदकनभोमार्गदिङ्मूढदिवससेश्वरा ॥ ८०

आवर्तगर्तसम्भ्रान्तविमानप्लवविप्लवा ।

नीलजीमूतशैवालकृतरेखाहरित्तटा ॥ ८१

अवलेपभराक्रान्ता सुरलोकतरङ्गिणी ।

पपात पार्वतीकान्तजटाकान्तारगह्वरे ॥ ८२

Listen to these verses

Down from heaven

rushes Gaṅgā

in a flood of pride –

endless waves swamping the sky and every direction,

filled with a flotsam of stars for pearls and a conch-like moon

the force of her torrent tearing the sun’s horses from Aruṇa’s struggling grip,

the mass of her white foam hiding Airāvata from Indra’s searching gaze

betraying her theft of heaven’s garden with the tree-tops bobbing on her surface

confounding the sun as he crosses the ethereal vault turned all to water

celestial chariots now sinking now surfacing spinning around in her cavernous eddies

her banks lined by river-weed formed of dark blue clouds –

only to descend into the depths of the dense dreadlocked wilderness

of Pārvatī’s lord, Śiva.


Campū Rāmāyaṇa – Bālakāṇḍa 78-82

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