Madhurā Vijaya

The Conquest of Madhurā: 

Gaṅgādevī’s Madhurā Vijaya

गङ्गादेवीविरचितं मधुराविजयम्

February 2013

Translated by Shankar Rajaraman and Venetia Kotamraju

ISBN: 978-81-924112-2-4

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The Madhurā Vijaya is a 14th century court epic by a princess of the Vijayanagara Empire. Its historical importance is matched only by its literary qualities – the editors who rediscovered it, in 1916, noted that it was so good that some scholars couldn’t believe it had been written by a woman.

The poem celebrates the victory of the Vijayanagara Empire’s crown prince, Kampa, over the Persian-ruled Madurai. In addition to battle scenes awash with blood, gore and plenty of poetic fantasy, the poetess describes how her husband Kampa passes the time between wars with his bevy of beautiful wives. The Rasāla edition comprises about 200 of the original Sanskrit verses alongside a new English translation.

eBook Version

The Conquest of Madhurā is also available as an eBook (ISBN:978-81-924112-3-1). In addition to the contents of the print book, the eBook includes audio versions of the most sonorous verses.

The eBook is in the new EPUB 3 standard and totally DRM-free which means you can copy, share and transfer it to your heart’s content.  For more details about the technical aspects of the eBook please read this post.

The eBook is Rs 100 or £3 – to buy click here.

Textual Notes

Textual notes prepared by the translators to accompany this book, and the bibliography, can be downloaded here.