Sanskrit poetry, or kāvya, is as elegantly wrought as the finest of Indian miniatures.  Like its artistic cousin, it aims not at realism but at a highly stylised beauty.  Successful kāvya creates in its reader, or listener, an emotional response which the tradition calls rasa.  Kāvya is a pleasure to be enjoyed slowly, a pleasure which demands a great deal of its audience, paying back many times over the patience and effort invested in it. 


कोकिलसन्देशः –  Kokila Sandeśa | The Message of the Koel

The Kokila Sandeśa is a short love poem of 162 verses.  A koel, the Indian cuckoo, is dispatched by a lovesick husband stranded in Kanchipuram to carry a message to his beautiful wife in Chendamangalam, Kerala. Read more…