Our Books

Rasāla publishes India’s most beautiful forgotten poems in translation.  These elegant volumes of Sanskrit poetry, accompanied by contemporary English translations, allow the general reader to enjoy ancient India as imagined by her poets.

Each book tends to have just one short poem, or carefully selected excerpts from larger works, to allow the reader to better digest the poetry. The works selected have for the most part unjustifiably disappeared from view over the last century or two and are all but inaccessible even in the original, let alone in translation.

Our books are intended primarily for the general reader, both in India and beyond, rather than for the scholarly community. In many cases, though, further notes for the specialist can be freely downloaded from this website, alongside other extra material which couldn’t be included in the books such as images and photographs.

Each Rasāla book is also available as an eBook in the new EPUB 3 format, replete with audio and images. Our eBooks do not have any DRM (digital rights management) making it easy for readers to share with friends and transfer between reading devices.

Rasāla books can also be bought as annual subscriptions.  Subscribers receive three books over the course of the year, two of our regular translations and the annual Rasāla verse anthology.  The anthology is sent out at the beginning of the Indian year, in Vasanta or Spring, which falls in March or April.  The first translation is dispatched at the beginning of Varśā or the monsoon, roughly July, and the second about four months later at the beginning of Hemanta or Winter.

An annual subscription can be purchased for either the print or the eBook versions.  Bundled subscriptions of both print and eBooks are also available.

Our books are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License to enable as wide a dissemination as possible. Read more about the Creative Commons Attribution Licence.