A New Book and A New Year

Today is Yugādīthe beginning (ā) of a new age (yuga), although in its more popular spelling the festival has lost the ‘y’ to become the far less pronounciation-friendly, for non-Indians at least, Ugadi. It is at any rate a suitably auspicious day to celebrate the official release of Rasāla’s second book, The Conquest of Madhurā, a rare 14th century Sanskrit poem by – believe it or not, and several scholars didn’t when it was discovered in 1916 – a woman. 

Faithful readers of the Rasāla Verse of the Week, as doubtless all of you are, will not need any further introduction to the poem. For more details about the Rasāla edition, click here (and note that if you buy the print book before 1st June 2013, you are entitled to a free copy of the eBook).

We also wanted to let you know that there are several forthcoming titles to look forward to, including:

  • a sonorous rendition of two famous hymns – the Śyāmalā Daṇḍaka and the Āryā Śataka – by prize-winning poet Usha Kishore and neurosurgeon-cum-Sanskritist M Sambasivan
  • a translation of the viciously funny Darpa Dalana of Kashmir’s 11th century master-satirist, Kṣemendra, by diplomat-turned-translator AND Haksar
  • as well as of course the first Rasāla anthology – 108 of Sanskrit’s most beautiful verses on the night and her myriad charms


We will though have to ask you to be patient because Rasala will be taking an extended break while Venetia goes on maternity leave.  In the meantime, please do dig into The Conquest of Madhurā (and The Message of The Koel if you haven’t already). Both are available in print and eBook format.  And we will endeavour to keep dispatching verses of the week to you all as often as possible – to those who have noticed that the Rasāla Verse of the Week has become slightly erratic recently, sorry – but probably more like once a month than once a week.

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