A Clarification

It has been brought to our attention that the description of the gods in the general introductory section to our books could be misleading.  In describing the gods we have tried to give the chief physical characteristics of each which are used for various effects and to various purposes by each poet.  These, and the many other elements of poetic convention and mythology that we have noted in that section, are as it were the building blocks that poets use to construct verse.  However, we did not point out – as we should have – that each of the physical attributes of the gods has a spiritual dimension to it.

A reader who is not familiar with the spiritual aspect could misconstrue our description.  We at Rasāla are not qualified to fully explain these many spiritual dimensions, which often have deep philosophical aspects as well as being subject to different interpretations by different traditions and scholars.  Instead, we would ask our readers to refer to scholarly works on Hindu mythology and Hinduism.  For specific book recommendations, please get in touch.

Our apologies for neglecting to point this out in The Message of The Koel. Future books will carry a note to this effect.

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